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Archie Nesbitt’s adventures are now being shown on his very own TV channel. The Complete Adventures of an avid bowhunter is available to watch-you won’t want to miss a single adventure!

With our new service everybody can own his own TV channel


Fear hunter

Dr. Ivan Rusilko is a respected doctor and a brilliant scientist in the ordinary life, among the citizens of the modern-day civilization. He is prosperous and intelligent. He has diplomas and certificates and very satisfied patients, but that is not enough for him. In fact, all he needs is pure adrenaline. Something that everyday life in the city cannot offer him. And when his life seems too boring and routine, he grabs his weapon and fishing rod and embarks on a journey to another world. In that world of adventure and danger, his nickname is the name of the most bloodthirsty predator ever lived on Earth – T-Rex.

Everyone knows that T-Rex can't be fed. That's why T-Rex has to hunt. And we will witness his every fight with boredom. Because life is too short!


Ultimate shot

Ultimate Shot is documentary/reality style program that will follow the most-accomplished bow hunter who ever lived in his hunting adventures. 

"He's been called "Canada's Premier Bowhunter," and in many ways Archie Nesbitt is the most-accomplished bowhunter who ever lived." Jason Butler


The Deep blue

Join the tribe of free divers to discover the holy grail of the depths of the sea. To feel the thrill of the perfect beauty of nature hidden under the blue waves.


Outback pursuits

“Australian Hunting Adventures in Aboriginal Lands” will take us beyond civilization to the most ancient abode of the most ancient hunters on earth. We will personally see for ourselves how to hunt with a primitive spear in the hunting grounds of saltwater crocodiles. Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the Australian Outback.

Exotic hunting adventure with Tom Mirandaq, Ben Salleras and Dylan Cooper



Every day an hour before sunrise and after sunset is the time of the roe deer. Any hunter who has tried this fascinating hunt will never forget it. For a trophy or for meat, this hunt has been known to hunters for thousands of years. Come with us to the best hunting grounds to experience the thrill. From stalking the males in the midst of the rut. At the moment, when dusk covers the green meadows, the roe deer emerges from the thicket and the hunt begins. Now is the time for Deer hour.


Boars & hunters

This is unforgettable hunting adventures. We will cross four continents searching for the most attractive wild boar hunting. You will see with your eyes the way warthog is being hunted down in Africa and how pigs grown wild are being shot in Australia. We will stalk for trophy boars in Europe and will take part in hunting battues in Asia. Share the thrill of the furious wild boars encounter with the fearless dogs and see the outcome of this dynamic hunting full of adrenaline that the dangerous encounters of hunters and wild boars bring about.

Wild boars, Tens of wild boars that frenetically run in the dense forest. Every hunter dreams of this. And now we will show it to you!


Photo Safari Club

Photo Safari Club will take you on a journey into the secret world of wildlife. To try to stalk and take the most unexpected and unique wild photos.


Rusted hunting stories

Well forgotten, but unusual hunting stories and adventures. Classic hunting destinations and unique experiences of famous and unknown hunters gathered in one collection.

Watch the movies of days long past at the dawn of the hunting video.



Hunting adventure, anytime, anywhere. Safari season is a spectacular collection of the best and most exotic hunting destinations around the world. Filmed in ultra high resolution, this show is a delight for the senses and food for the souls of avid hunters and adventurers.


Wild Bulgaria

Filmed with ultra-high resolution in the style of National Geographic, it tells about the life of the wild inhabitants in Bulgaria and their battles for survival during the seasonal changes.

TV documentary series for everyone.

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